Monday, November 01, 2010

mango frozen delight

modified recipe a.k.a. mango pavlova, mango torte

you will need:
oatmeal cookies (since no graham crackers here), can also use butter cookies
cream (used whipping cream coz no nestle cream here)
condensed milk
ripe, sweet mangoes (peeled, sliced)
yoghurt (any flavour) - i added this coz cream was not enough!
cinnamon powder


1. crush oatmeal cookies until fine, and put a layer on the bottom of baking pan or glass dish; set aside; also keep some for topping later
2. in a bowl, mix cream and condensed milk; put a layer over the cookie layer
3. add a layer of sliced mangoes
4. add a layer of yoghurt
5. add a layer of mangoes
6. add a layer of cream and milk mixture
7. sprinkle top with remaining cookie crumbles and cinnamon powder
8. freeze for at least 12 hours

You can modify this by adding some crushed peanuts or cashew nuts. And adding more layers depending on your supply of ingredients.