Thursday, February 21, 2008

What's cooking, again?

Yes, again because I am back to cooking mode. Even though the other day the exhaust fan in the kitchen broke down. It was working well the night before. But then the cleaners came and they cleaned it. They must have broken something in there. The motor was running when we turned it on but the blade just would not turn with the motor. So I was planning to inform the Housing Office yesterday but I totally forgot about it coz of too much work. My husband said I should have noted it down so I could remember. Oh yeah, well I forgot to write a reminder note ha ha ha. It will have to wait tomorrow because today is a holiday. So last night when I cooked dinner, there was no exhaust fan. The kitchen got really hot. Even the dishes on the rack were also hot to the touch! I opened the windows a bit and directed the fan to it to blow the hot air out. Nevertheless the cooking smell still remained. Especially so since I fried some fish (pla salit ded deaw). This is a gurami fish which has been dried under the sun for just one day. You can imagine the smell. But it was yummy coz I fried it until it was crispy. Sort of intentionally and also because while frying it I could not stay in the kitchen so it stayed longer than necessary but it was not burned. It was too hot in there so I went to the dining room to continue with my crossword puzzle. Then my husband would remind me a few times that there was something burning in the kitchen. I told him that I was frying fish and I wanted a crispy one. Not the 'yeh yeh' kind you get from vendors who did not want to waste time to fry it longer than necessary. Anyway, I also cooked stir fried vegetables to go with the fish! Just 2 kinds of vegies, 'Baguio' beans and morning glory (pakbung, kangkong, tangkong). I added some oyster sauce, then I remembered that I had some basil leaf mixture. Just to have some spicy flavor so I also added some. The end result was very good, indeed. My husband told me it was delicious! That was enough to make my day I was so happy to wash the dishes later, even though actually it should be him coz I already did the cooking! But I did not mind :)

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