Thursday, July 13, 2006

Miswa with sardines

This recipe is an old one which we used to do at home esp. for dinner. For a long time that I have been looking for miswa noodles here in Thailand. Recently I found one so am glad to be able to cook this dish again.

Miswa, 70 g
Sardines in tomato sauce, 1 small can
Chopped garlic
Sliced red onions
Choice of knorr cubes/soy sauce/fish sauce/salt to taste
Chilli powder or fresh chilli (optional)

1. Saute garlic and onions
2. Add sardines, crush fish into small pieces
3. Fill the can with water and add into the pan (2x)
4. Bring to boil
5. Add the miswa noodles
6. Bring to boil. Add water if more soup is needed.
7. Season to taste
8. Serve immediately as the noodles absorb water quickly.

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