Friday, June 30, 2006

Bitter gourd and egg

When we were at the supermarket last Saturday my sister said she wanted to cook bitter gourd with egg. So we bought the bitter gourd. Last night we had the opportunity to cook it, I mean I was the one who cooked it! Most people do not like eating bitter gourd because of its taste (bitter!). However, it is good for health. So how to prepare it to reduce the bitterness? First, cut the vegetable open in half. Then remove the inside (seeds) by scraping it with a spoon. The remaining part should then be cut into small pieces across to get a c-shaped piece. Sprinkle with salt and squeeze until some juice (greenish) comes out. Then rinse the salt with water. Soak the gourd with water for a few minutes, then drain. The proper recipe is as follows:

Bitter gourd prepared as above
Egg, beaten
Garlic, chopped
Onions, sliced
Knorr cubes
Soy sauce

1. Place bitter gourd in a microwavable dish, add garlic, onions, butter, cube, soy sauce and pepper. Place in microwave and cook at High (#5) for 2 minutes. Cover.
2. Take out from MW and stir.
3. Return to MW and cook for another minute.
4. Take out and pour egg over it. Stir.
5. Return to MW and cook at High for 1.5 minutes.
6. Take out and stir.
7. Return to MW and cook for 2 minutes.
8. Remove from MW after 1 minute and serve.

My husband's comment was that it didn't taste that bitter. So I explained to him what I did to reduce the bitter taste. Cooking it this way is healthy coz there isn't much oil. Oftentimes when we cook it in the frying pan, we have to use lots of oil for sauteing.

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