Saturday, July 17, 2010

Fish dish

A couple of weeks ago while doing our grocery shopping at Foodland, we saw some mullet fish. We call this 'gisaw' in Kinaray-a (banak/talilong in Tagalog). I always associate this fish with simple cooking such as paksiw or pinamarhan ...although here in Thailand we can often order it deep fried with garlic or herbs. So how do we cook this fish at home? It is simple.

1. Put the fish inside a pot (to be used for cooking).
2. Add some vinegar (until half of the volume of fish)
3. Add salt or soy sauce, chopped garlic, sliced onions, pepper
4. Optional: pepper corns, bay leaf
5. Add some water
6. Boil until it is nearly dry. Add some olive oil if preferred.


imriz said...

hubby loves this recipe for fish. he'll top it with pieces of green chili? (jalapeno)

Cecille Tuazon said...

This is quite similar to our filipino dish...called Paksiw...