Sunday, June 11, 2006

Instant noodles

Here we call instant noodles, Mama. It is a basic food especially among students. There are many ways to cook Mama (the noodles). Here in Thailand, it is readily available and the easiest way is to pour boiling water onto it and after 3 minutes or so, it is ready to be eaten. However, it is also nice to add some other things such as fresh green vegetables, meat and eggs. This can be cooked on any cooker. I use the rice cooker.

Instant noodles (any flavour), 1 pack per person
Vegetables-can be pakchoi/bokchoi, mustard leaves, cabbage
Chinese sausage/kuncheang/chorizo bilbao-sliced diagonally/ground pork/meat

1. Boil water (1 bowl/pack)
2. Add the noodles and seasoning
3. Add sausage or meat
4. Let it boil
5. Add egg, stir
6. Add vegetables
7. Serve while hot!

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