Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Introduction to my recipe blogpage

Welcome to my new blogpage. All about food and recipes. You are free to comment and share the outcome of the recipes you followed here. Would love to taste the food you make hmmmm ... I have been cooking since I was small. I am the second child in the family, and with our eldest sis suffering from rheumatic heart at that time until high school, most of the work and responsibilities were on my shoulders. So I was always the one to go with my mom to the market, and when I was a bit older I would go to the market alone, sometimes early morning. And then after school in the afternoon. And the cooking. My parents taught us to cook. I learned about recipes later, at school in our Home Economics class. And when my parents bought a gas and oven range for my older sister's birthday (oh well it was just a reason to buy one), I got hooked on baking as well. We asked a friend of my mom to demonstrate to us how to bake orange chiffon cake, using a tube pan. Later on, we became adept at baking cakes esp banana cake using just the basic sponge cake recipe. We had a small home-based business selling banana cakes to our school canteen.

Well, I hope this page will be useful to those who come looking for recipes that are easy to make.

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Eero said...

Yes, I would love to see/read/try some good recipies! I realized I needed to learn to cook when I was about 27. My soon-to-be husband acutally spit out his first forkfull of the dinner I had made. I realized,'Yikes...if I'm going to be a wife, I have to learn to cook!' So far, so good. 5 years of marriage and no spitting. I love to cook. Looking forward to your blog here!